you found my secret website
(plz dont tell everyone about this page or give the URL)
so you want to get on my server right?
if not close this page immediately and delete it from the history (CTRL+H)

so ANYWay...

to get on the server:
goto http://www.logmeinhamachi.com to get on
click 'try it free'

now you'll set up hamachi (run the installer) and do this:
name= DBP! password= 1

just in case it's filled up
name= DBP2! password= 1
next goto minecraft and click multiplayer then add server is ip
now click it

the one
you just made
you might not have the other servers
you don't need them
i will try to have it running when you can see this website

-Clayton Ryan

my uncle posted this website.

cuz he's smart

it's hard to stop making changes to this website ok im going to stop now
THE END!!!!!
for the 5134th time!!!!!!!
(the end in alien language)